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November 2, 1867



Victorian Bonnets

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HARPER'S BAZAR:  November 2, 1867


Fall Bonnets.

Fanchon, of marabout, with a blue velvet bow in front, and another behind, over the chignon. Long barbs of lace and tulle, falling to the front like a scarf. Strings of ribbon, tying behind.

Catalane, of black velvet, edged with guipure, bordered with jet beads. A rose and buds thrown carelessly over the side. Strings of lace.


Marie Antoinette, of green velvet and silk. Front formed of alternate puffings of silk and velvet. Green feather on left side. Rich barb of lace falling from the back, the front strings tied behind.


Trianon, of dead-leaf velvet, trimmed on the front with a large bow of velvet and a wreath of gold immortelles with brown foliage. Chantilly barb behind, crossing in front over the strings.




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