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NOVEMBER 2, 1867



Victorian Fashions

Victorian Fashions



HARPER'S BAZAR:  November 2, 1867


[Victorian Infant Clothing]

Infant's Under-Petticoat.

Victorian infant clothingFor pattern see Supplement, No. XXV., Figs. 94 and 95.

Petticoat of flannel, a yard and a quarter long and three-quarters of a yard wide, bound round the edge with ribbon. It is buttoned together at the bottom, and fastened at the right side by bows of ribbon. Cut the garment from Fig. 94 and Fig. 95, as shown in the pattern; sew the shoulder-straps on the waist, pleat the skirt, and sew it to the waist, leaving the back loose on the right to the .


Under-Waist for Child from 3 to 5 Years old.

For pattern see Supplement, No. VIII., Figs. 38 and 39.

Victorian infant clothingWaist of flannel, buttoned up behind, with a button at the bottom, whereby the drawers or petticoat is fastened. Cut from Fig. 38, allowing for a hem an inch wide at the bottom and down the back. Cut two pieces of linen or elastic for the shoulder-straps from Fig. 39. Hem the bottom and back, bind the neck with a strip of linen about an inch wide, and put on the shoulder-straps to correspond with the numbers on the pattern. Finish with buttons and button-holes. 


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