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NOVEMBER 2, 1867



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HARPER'S BAZAR:  November 2, 1867


Lady's Night-Cap. [Victorian Hats & Bonnets]

For pattern see Supplement, No. X, Fig. 45.

Victorian hatNight-cap of linen, bordered with a double scalloped frill of the same. Cut the front and back together, on the bias, from Fig. 45, allowing room for the shirr marked, through which an elastic cord, six inches long, is passed. Gather the back from 86 to 87, and join it to the front, and stitch a narrow bias fold over the seam. At the top of this fold, at 86, on each side, sew a strip of linen, two inches wide, and scalloped on the bottom; bring these strings to the top, and tie them in a bow. Hem the edge of the cap, put on the frill, two inches wide, and finish with linen strings.


Lady's Night-Cap.

For pattern see Supplement, No. XXIV., Figs. 92 and 93.

Victorian hatNight-cap of fine linen, bordered with scalloped frill of the same. Cut the front and back from Figs. 92 and 93, the first bias, allowing for the shirr, through which an elastic cord is run, six inches wide. Gather the back from 69 to X, and join it to the front, making the figures on the pattern correspond; then cord the front from the middle to on either side, and put on the frill, which is an inch and a quarter wide in the middle, and narrows toward the end. A strip of linen, three-quarters of an inch wide, is stitched under the edge of the front, to hide the seams. The strings are of linen, two and a half inches wide, and half a yard long. A narrow scalloped edge is stitched on the slope of the cap, back of the strings, as seen in the illustration, the seam being covered on the under side with a narrow bias strip of linen. 


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