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NOVEMBER 2, 1867



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HARPER'S BAZAR:  November 2, 1867


[Victorian Girl's Clothing]

Chemise for Girl from 6 to 8 Years old.

For pattern see Supplement, No. V., Figs. 2T-30.

Chemise of linen, richly trimmed with hem­stitching, needlework, and embroidery. Fig. 27 gives half the front and back, which are cut together lengthwise from the stuff folded double, and are whole on the shoulder. Pleat the front, as shown in Fig. 27, joining two dotted to two smooth lines, and finish in the middle, from 50 to 51, with insertion, as shown in illustration. Arrange the sleeves after Fig. 29, sew them from 52 to 53, set in gusset, Fig. 30, join from 52 to x, hem them narrow on the bottom, put on trimming, and sew them in; lastly, set the double yoke, cut from Fig. 28, which gives one-fourth thereof, on the body, to correspond with the figures on the pattern.

Chemise for Girl from 2 to 4 Years old.

For pattern see Supplement, No. VI., Figs. 31-33.

Chemise of linen, closed on the shoulder with buttons and button-holes, with embroidered yoke and sleeves. Cut two pieces double, lengthwise of the stuff, from Fig. 31, and two pieces for each sleeve from Fig. 32. An inch is to be allowed for a hem on the sleeves and body. Fold the stuff bias, and cut the yoke from Fig. 33. Join the sides from 58 to 59, and hem the-bot­tom. The upper part of the body, both front and back, is gathered to X, and is stitched into the double yoke to correspond with the figures; and lastly, the buttons and button-holes are put on the shoulders. The sleeves are felled up from 58 to X, then are hemmed on the bottom and sewed into the arm-hole to correspond with the figures on the pattern.

Under-Waist for Girl from 10 to 12 Years old.

For pattern see Supplement, No. IX., Figs. 40-44. under-waist of fine white muslin, fastened with linen buttons, and trimmed round the neck and sleeves with black ribbon run through tatting. Cut after Figs. 40, 41, 42, and 44, two pieces each, and after Fig. 43 one piece, length­wise of the stuff double. In cutting Fig. 40 allow an inch for a hem in front. Hem the front. Put the buttons on the left side and the button-holes on the right, and join the waist according to the figures on the pattern. Hem the bottom and cord the neck. Sew up the sleeves from 84 to 85, hem the bottom and sew them into the arm-holes from 84 to 84, then put on the trimming.

Linen Standing Collar for Girl from 8 to 10 Years old.

For pattern see Supplement, No. XI., Kg. 46.

Collar of double linen, embroidered with braid. Cut from double stuff, from Fig. 46, embroided finish with button and button-hole, and sew on chemisette of mull or nansook.

Linen Collar and Cuffs for Girl from 6 to 8 Years old.

For pattern see Supplement, No. XII., Fig. 4T-4D.

Collar and cuffs of double linen, with a triple row of stitching, and set on a chemisette and sleeves of nansook. Figs. 47 and 48 give the pattern of the collar, and Fig. 49 that of half of the cuff. The chemisette and sleeves are cut from Figs. 83, 84, and 85; and the collar and cuffs are made in the same manner as those in No. 22.

Drawers for Girl from 3 to 5 Years old.

For pattern see Supplement, No. XX., Figs. 74-70.

Drawers of muslin or linen, trimmed on the bottom with tucks and needle-work insertion. Cut both legs from Fig. 74, allowing for the tucks, and sloping the front as shown in the pattern; and cut the belt double, lengthwise of the stuff, from Figs. 75 and 76. Sew each part together from 41 to 42, and leave the opening as marked, put on the side pieces, sew up the legs from 43 to 41 and from 41 to 44, gather the top, put on the belt, and finish with buttons and button-holes.

"Sailor" Under-Handkerchief and Sleeves for Girl from 6 to 8 Years old.

For pattern see Supplement, No. XXII., Figs. 81-86.

Collar and cuffs of double linen, with several rows of stitching, trimmed round the edge with a row of hem-stitching, in imitation of insertion and needle-work edging. The collar is sewed on a chemisette of mull, tucked in front, and the cuffs are set on sleeves of the same stuff. For the collar, cut one piece from Fig. 81, and from Fig. 82 two pieces, the whole double, then stitch the last between the double stuff of Fig. 81, finish with button and button­hole, stitch the collar around the outer edge and put on the hem-stitching and edging. Cut both fronts of the chemisette from Fig. 83, and the back from Fig. 84. Tuck the front, as seen in the illustration, then sew the shoulders together from 53 to 54, and hem the top very narrow, then sew on the collar. The bottom is put on a binding. Cut the sleeves of single mull, from Fig. 85, and the cuffs of double linen, from Fig. 86; stitch the latter around the edge, and put on the trimming and buttons. The side of the cuffs that is left untrimmed is sewed with an overhand seam from 58 to 59. Lastly, sew the cuff on the sleeve from 57 to 58, making the numbers correspond, and hem the top of the sleeve. 









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